1-year-old financial consultancy reinvented to their full potential.

We are pleased to share our work for a 1 year old expansion stage start-up financial firm Mychoices Mortgage Solutions (HK) Limited.

In recent years the mortgage marketplace in Hong Kong has adjusted to a ‘new normal’, driven by independent service provider, startup and digital marketing strategies. Start-up financial firms are meeting this challenge by looking to develop a more sophisticated brand and positioning.

After consulting with clients and shareholders, Mychoices and Media Design Labs developed a new brand identity for Mychoices that meet the visual standard of the market. The new corporate identity provide sense of professional tone, that build brand trust and authenticity. To ensure the brand is reflected in the service’s personality, we engaged with the firm’s marketing partners, associates and staff, working closely together to deliver a mature result that fit with targeted audience’s interests.

Whilst the work is only just beginning to launch, we are looking forward to seeing the brand help Mychoices cement its position as one of the future elite in Hong Kong.

For details, please read our case study.

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