Feng Chun Villa

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Media & Digital Labs worked directly with the head of Feng Chun Villa to create a new proof of concept for the next identity for the award-winning hostel group in Yilan, Taiwan. Our goal is to grow, to explore how the new identity could help the business fulfil its true potential.

The new brand had to carry significant elements of the old brands, to be new enough to signify change to the audience.



Content creation



Transitioning to the upper class

Our identity solution for Feng Chun Villa is simple: to push the attention of design detail to the next level, while balancing the new identity with the existing image.

Feng Chun Villa – DM Template
Facebook Content Marketing
Engagement in a online context

The identity comes alive when it breaks out of its statics format and is animated with sound. We create a set of animated title string for their online video content to explore the reaction from their audience.