Own your today.

Bring your business online
with your own branding.

It’s your beautiful home of your business. It’s so fast you customer will love to visit. With our all-in-one online shop solution, your customer can easily buy directly from you on all of their devices. Your team can process order in just a click. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly intuitive, and packed with powerful technology that bring your online customer an impression that will last for decades.


Draws customer in with the best looks.

With its perfectly designed webpage and layout, your products leap off the screen, text is perfectly aligned. You business looks so much better that people will simply love to visit.


It's light.
It's fast.

The webshop system go hand in hand with the latest WordPress system which gives your business all the power you need for launching an online shop that is light, fast and secured.


All the tools
you need.

The package features just the right amount of tools for managing products and orders, so you can focus on what is matter.


More space.
More speed.

Range of storage options are available and they will be all hosted on a shared all-flash SSD storage, bringing high capacity and lightning speed.

User experience

done easy.

The online shop features a simple checkout interface so your customer will be able to make purchase and submit order without questions.

Packed with functions.
And possibilities.

Each standard configuration features three payment methods and three shipping options, giving your customers just the right amount of options to complete their purchase. All packages come with 3 staff accounts so you can easily collaborate between your team members. Unlimited products are standard on all configuration, plus SEO optimisation tools and SSL certificate, so your online shop is instantly connected to the world and ready for business.

Translation ready.

You can order additional translation add-on so your webshop can be localised in multiple language.

Up for the long run.

Choose from range of pre-made add-ons so your online shop can gain a head start on day of launch. If you’re looking for extra functionality, our modular systems offer some impressive flexibilities where you can purchase add-ons to upgrade your system anytime.

See it in action.

Our all-in-one solution is perfect for those who want to start an online business that leaves a positive impression to their customer on day one.



The teams from MDL are here to make it easy to manage your business online. Adding products. Updating graphics. Managing promotion. All done without you spending any time to keep your online business moving.

Preventive Maintenance

Free 1 month
Keep your website away from malware, cyber attack and downtime.

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Free 1 month
Keep you product up-to-date. Run regular marketing campaigns.

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Adding new functions, features and technologies to keep you shop ahead

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Set up your
online shop today.

Get help with choosing the right packages, services, add-ons, or tailored options and learn more about how to get the most out of your purchase.

We offer flexible pricing scheme

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Reliable and
Regular Updates

Get a lifetime reliable & regular
updates with your purchase.

15+ years
in web development

MDL is a time-tested web design and developer with
years of experience.

Customer Support

Chat with our technical support team anytime to keep your business up and running 24/7.

Flexible subscription plan

Switch your subscription to a different type, such as a monthly plan, annual plan, or even cancel it anytime you want.