Pong Pong Egg, an indie action puzzle game from Hong Kong, available today

Shaking Sheep Studio, a HK independent game development studio, and Media Design Labs, the creative laboratories focus in introducing the next ideas of digital-human interactive experience, has released ‘Pong Pong Egg’, an original action puzzle mobile game app for iPhone and iPad devices.

Pong Pong Egg is the first joint venture between independent game development studio Shaking Sheep Studio and Media Design Labs, integrating their collective fields of expertise in game development, game design and character animation. The Acton-puzzle based mobile game feature beautifully designed themes and characters, over 40 hand-crafted levels, kids-friendly graphics and original score, written specifically to accompany the game.

‘Pong Pong Egg’ is a Peggle inspired action puzzle game suitable for casual gamers of all ages. The game features wide range of adorable characters as an rewards for players to collect. Players can play as different characters and fire ‘eggs’ into levels field with tomatoes, carrots, and more. Try to clear everything off the board with limited ‘eggs’ by skilled shots and timing. The pachinko style game deliver a relaxing gaming experience yet filled with actions and surprises. The game designs allow unlimited possibilities of level design by combining different ingredients, baited traps and powerful-ups, combined with beautifully hand-crafted themes and background arts, to make sure the game developers can effectively and efficiently bring up new level designs and updates to the mobile game frequently, as a result of keeping our gamers engaged for a wider period of time.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with such an enthusiastic independent game production and development studio as Shaking Sheep Studio. We’re looking forward to creating something that will be challenging for game enthusiasts but also will inspire kids and communities to experience the joy of gaming without too much hassle” said Steven Simon Cheng , Creative Director of Media Design Labs.

‘Pong Pong Egg’ is being recommended by Apple App Store on first day of launch as the top ‘New Games We Love’ on App Store homepage globally, including countries like U.S., Canada, U.K., Hong Kong and China. The mobile game received over 12K of downloads on first day of launch, reaching the 4th most popular Board Game, and ranked no.1 in the Top Free Download Board Game  in China.


‘Pong Pong Egg’ is free to download and play with in-app purchases. It is available on the App Store and will also be available on the Google Play Store. Download the Game from the App Store.


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About Shaking Sheep Studio

Shaking Sheep Studio is a new independent game studio located in Hong Kong. The studio was founded in 2013 by Niki Chan. The company goal is to produce creative, beautiful and memorable high quality games. Niki Chan (Chun Yeung Chan), graduated in MA Animation in UK, is the co-founder of Shaking Sheep Studio, he is also an experienced animator and graphic designer, worked as a featured film/animation director assistant and producer assistant at UNANICO GROUP, UK. The company has a great passion in game production and aiming to make high quality games like the big giants out there. Learn more at http://www.shakingsheep.com

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