MDL launches IP development services in Hong Kong

For those who have an idea of launching your own IP, you can now brainstorm your business module to take full advantage of Media & Digital Lab’s new subsidiary, FOV Group, with its over 20 years of capabilities and expertises.

IP development in hong kong
Media & Digital Labs today announces the launch of FOV Group, an 1-stop IP development firm based in Hong Kong.


FOV is an 1-stop IP development in Hong Kong driving sustainable growth with relevance creativity, clear messaging and strict consistency. The new subsidiary will be lead by Steven Cheng, who has over 20 years of professional experience in Brand Building, IP Development and Creative production.

We aim to provide project management and production services to those who have an idea of developing your own brands and IPS, such as character, mascot, online content for Youtube, feature film, games and products.

For detail please connect with us by visiting our new site: . We are all ear to hear your idea and are opened to any new challenge you are aiming to reach.