Pong Pong Egg

Hitting Apple App Store’s spotlight, the original title receiving global top featuring on day of launch.

Steven Cheng, co-producing with ShakingSheepStudio, led the design and animation production for Pong Pong Egg mobile game title.
Pong Pong Egg is an original Pachinko game with beautiful art style and animation. It has been considered as one of the most challenging bouncing egg game, a great puzzle solver for girls and kids.
It has received over 70K downloads in China during the first month of launch. The App has been promoted by Apple App Store team as ‘App of the Day’, ‘Game of the Day’ title and is now preinstalled on Apple Store’s iPhone demo.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Shaking Sheep Studio, Steven also developed the visual style that the company can call its own. It makes its official debut in their newest product Pong Pong Egg.

Together, he has developed a character that combines the original, vibrant and exciting world of Pong Pong Egg with the adorable, animated world of life and puzzle. The character is the only visual asset that links every moment of the game. It bring brand recognition to a wide variety of digital and non-digital environments. The character is slightly quirky and expressive, but also simple and bold, resulting an instant result of capturing the love of the audience.

The visual identity expresses the adventure nature of the theme with minimalist art and illustration that focus only on elements that is essential to the gaming experience. The logo contains a bouncing egg – a playful way of bringing the game title to life. And the expressive, dynamic colours help the new brand really stand out and sing – a welcome break from the ordinary approach to game art of the competition.

The visual style includes range of pop-up effects to offer a broad range of uses in and out of the gaming experience.

‘Pong Pong Egg’ is free to download and play with in-app purchases. It is available on the App Store and will also be available on the Google Play Store. Download the Game from the App Store.