Brand Identity for the 1-year-old expansion-stage financial consultancy reinvented to their full potential.

The focus of the new visual identity of Mychoices is a signage that communicates the accessibility of a local start-up financial consultant with a gravitas of a trustworthy brand.

During research in the founder’s beliefs and company’s value proposition, the designers came across an abstract form based on the curving forms of the letter M, weaved together with iconic symbol inspired by wisdom of ancient Chinese methodology「外方內圓,圓和通達」, meaning the attitude of ‘Round and Accessible’, representing a brief of harmony communication without losing the particular superior character of stability. The underlying three arrows also represent the idea of expanding, yet remain focus on customer’s preferences, to locate the best possible choices as the company’s value.

Each marketing and social materials receives a unique visuals that can be used on business cards or personal websites. The design kit also includes specially developed templates, which helps the business owner to deploy the brand visuals for use in the company’s stationary and marketing content. The new identity made a high profile debut during 2016, transformed the 1 year old startup into a believing financial firms, complete more effectively and drive sales in tier 1 city like Hong Kong.

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