Diabl-O-Scope – Augmented Reality to the next level

Exceptional augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad


In 2014, we were extremely privileged to work together with Unanico Group and the London Stereoscopic Company, co-created the award-winning iTunes #1 3D stereoscopic short film “One Night in Hell” and the original Diableries AR App

Diableries AR App is a digital interactive extension of the unique physical book ‘Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell’ that was co-written by legendary rock musician Brian May, guitarist of Queen, with his talented colleagues of the London Stereoscopic Company, such as Denis Pellerin.

In order to reach a wider audience with the original Tracker-based Augmented Reality experience, we recreated the interactive experience with Apple’s most advanced AR technology – ARKit.

As a result, the experience is now using World Tracking technology that uses visual inertial odometer. There’s no external setup, tracker or QR code required, no pre-existing knowledge about the environment, as well as no additional sensors needed.

With the AR functionality, users see the virtual skeletons come to life in the physical world. Light estimation is used to render or correctly light your virtual geometry to match that of the physical world. Using all of these together we can seamlessly integrate virtual content into your physical environment.

The App also implemented the ability for the user to record their own clips with 3D animated elements, FX and audio effect without the needs of rendering.

We worked closely with Unanico Group’s Producer and Director, Paul Laikin and Jason Jameson, to bringing the piece to a new level.

Augmented reality (AR) is creating the illusion that virtual objects are placed in a physical world. It’s using your iPhone or your iPad as a lens into a virtual world.

What we did


Mobile App Design

Experience Design


Production and Direction — Unanico Group

Design and Development — Steven S. Cheng

3D Design & Artists — Craig Moyses, Anna Martorano, Marco Manfrin

Sound — Bill Cargill, Luis Celomundo