We see moments of change as opportunities and we build brand and the tool you need to make the most of them.

Formerly Media Design Labs, est. 2016, CHENG Consultants continue to help clients through branding and digital transformation.

We believe successful businesses are naturally positioned at the heart of successful branding.

However it is an absolute hard thing to achieve. So we united with creative artist and marketing expert, constructing strategy and pooling ideas. We remain independent, speak our beliefs and seek solutions that only answer our clients’ problems.

We deeply believe long term trust from your customer can only be achieved by honest work, in which the work need to be crafted with care and purpose. To achieve this, we assign talents that can add value to your project, assembling your work with our collaborators, and publish your work along with our media partners, growing your new identity into powerful asset and capital.

We challenge assumptions and delusions, consider every detail, every idea and possibilities. And we only start the process when we have fully understanding the your nature and goal.

We partner up with businesses of all size.

Founder of CHENG Consultants, Steven Cheng, has since 2006 worked internationally and domestically with a wide rang of business; from banks, luxury brands, f&bs, fashion labels, hospitality chains, retail environments to government.

He has recently worked for the Department for International Trade to manage the GREAN branding, and to provide digital and social media marketing support to the GREAT campaign in the Asia-Pacific, South-East Asia and China regions.

He is a born builder, creative specialist and digital expert, who will be able to provide you four type of assets:

  • Branding, Rebranding and Brand Management
  • Digital Tools and Brand Assets for your business
  • Website, eCommerce and media platforms
  • Mobile App and Digital Products

If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.